Marian Poole, Piano Teacher and Music Critic.

Listener Arts & Books Awards

Prejudicial De-tox Award to the NZSO for

  • Bringing one twentieth-century programme to Dunedin and departing in the dead of night unscathed by tonal wrath.
  • Cutting back to two Sibelius works per year. We wish them all the very best for 2011.
  • Avoiding live performances of Mainland composers in the Mainland. Well done!

Best Down-Home Award to Montreal Guitar Trio for

  • Tuning up the audience and their instruments at the same time
  • Keeping it all low-key NuZild. They play some great music too.

No-Fuss Lifetime Achievement Award

to Gillian Whitehead for launching her biography at the house on the estuary.

Supreme Achievement Award

  • First prize to that endangered species - the Greater Crested Mainland Composer seen locally flexing his wings - Anthony Ritchie - for Symphony No 3 – a highly original and compelling work bravely wrought.
  • Second Prize goes to the Southern Sinfonia for doing it justice.

Extreme Achievement in Tight Places Award

goes to the Dunedin City Choir for executing an Irish straight-arm shuffle to Zimbe’s African beat

Sisters of Little Mercy Award

to the ladies from the Song Company for
  • beguiling the guys with medieval sauce
  • rewarding us all with Sweet Dreams

Yeah Right! Award for Best Straight-faced Delivery of Most Improbable Lines

to James Burchell Aka St Nicolas, he did, he said, while leaping from his mother’s womb, cry, ‘God be glorified’. His sister, Caroline Burchell, peeved not to be a natural-born jumper, became a comely pickled boy.

Doh! Foundation Award

to the pretty boys from London – the Dohl Foundation – for
  • an excruciating frequency of Give-it-up’s
  • maintaining the one and only rhythm for two hours
  • the most vociferous self promotion

Headless Chicken Award

to the Doh! audience who bopped to the Dohl beat