Review of Dunedin Youth Orchestra

Musical Theatre 17 September

A Tardis of talent burst forth from a back alley on south Dunedin to a full house. A full programme of songs from a wide range of musicals were presented with professional ease and slick moves word and action perfect at a fast energetic pace. The show, which runs until 27 September, showcases the strength of Dunedin’s cultural reservoirs in a relaxed, convivial and unpretentious manner.

A large troupe of performers directed by Dave Goosselink, co-musical Director Stuart Walker and Choreographer Gina Walker under the watchful eye of Gladys Hope and assisted by many volunteers presented an at all times energetic and committed performance.

It is difficult to single out highlights from the show and there is no disrespect meant to any performer whose work does not get a mention here. But highlights there were. The opening number “Wilkommen” from Cabaret set both the pace and the expertise of the show; “Please don’t touch me” from Young Frankenstein and “My Junk” from Spring Awakening for their sexiness; “Strange Music” and “Evil Woman” from Xanadu for the acting skills; “Naughty” and “Revolting Children” from Matilda for its child stars; “Hello” from The Book of Mormon and “Getting Married Today” from Company for their fast paced cynicism; “Here Right Now” from Ghost the Musical for the rapport between soloists; the medley from Jersey Boys for the close harmonies and strength of the difficult falsetto part; the solo “Fly away” from Catch me if you can for its strong, controlled and nuanced delivery; the medley from We will rock you for its sheer energy. The list could go on.

Theatre Restaurant is a well oiled enterprise and its thoroughly enjoyable production is something Dunedin can be proud of.

Marian Poole